Almost ready to go

Traffic Light System

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It’s been a while coming but I am almost ready to hit the green button. After several set backs including an unwanted visitor in my studio, equipment failure and generally just getting my music to an acceptable production level, I am now happy that I am almost ready to press the GO button. So now […]

There’s an un-invited visitor in my studio…

An un-invited visitor

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That’s right… There’s an un-invited visitor in my studio, or at least there was. Now I am not talking about someone who has leaked my new release date to the press, and no I am not going to write a song about it. The fact is I was hoping to have made an announcement about […]

My Top 10 Albums

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My Top 10 Albums. Everybody has a top 10 and probably more. I was nominated on Facebook to post the 10 albums that made the biggest impact in my life. Here they are as posted, including a short blurb as to why they have influenced me. Click here to listen to how these artists influenced […]

Saturday 04 January 1986 – A day I shall never forget.

Philip Lynott Solo In Soho Album cover

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. Philip Lynott the bass player, writer and front man for Thin Lizzy passed away on Saturday 04 January 1986. This is a day I shall never forget. I recently became a member of the face book group Thin Lizzy Fan Club Worldwide and found a German documentary on the group which not only caught […]

Music Smorgasbord? What you talking ’bout?

All Kinds of Everything

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Rock/Guitar Music is my favourite style to write in. However, as my knowledge of music has grown over the years, so have my influences. I now find that writing music in different styles is a must for keeping the creative brain ticking. Variety is the spice of musical life. Constantly writing in one style can […]

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