Havin’ A Moment

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Havin’ A Moment is my latest release available to download exclusively from the Noel O’Reilly store. This is the third release from my studio album “Here We Sit” which is available now. The official release date for the album is 20 February, but you can pre-order the CD now by clicking here. Get updates from me directly to your inbox by clicking here.

Having A Moment

Just take a minute…

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the music for Havin’ A Moment itself comes from my wife. She suffers from anxiety attacks, and when I first met her these attacks were a mystery to me. We were not married back then, so we lived in separate houses. During one of these episodes, I was at my home worrying that I had done something to upset her. I remember picking up the guitar and playing this piece of music that was just in my head. I found that it made me stop thinking negative thoughts and helped me to relax. So I recorded it and elaborated on the idea. And yes I listen to this piece of music today when I want to have a relaxing moment to myself.

Wedding Day photo

Can you guess what she said…

In fact, I used to blame myself for her anxiety. She also knew that I did not fully understand what was going on, so she could feel that it was affecting me too. I was becoming anxious over her anxiety. When she was going through an episode and she wanted to be left alone, she would tell me that she was “Havin’ A Moment”. So, I would leave her alone to deal with it in the best way she could. When all had passed, she would then tell me about what was going on and we would try to get through it together. We are still married, so I am happy to say we seem to be doing all right.

Sometimes there is no reason

Keep calm take one deep breath

One Deep Breath

When you don’t understand something you always look for a reason for it, a reason for the anxiety. But there is not always a simple explanation for everything. Over time I realised that the reason for these anxiety attacks is not always down to a single simple factor. In fact if you were to ask me today to explain it then I would not be able to give you a short, simple answer. What I do know is that it is a common mental issue that people all over the world suffer with in one form or another.

Giving ourselves some personal reflection time is something we all should do. Indeed it is suggested that we need to have a few minutes daily to gather our thoughts and re-start our brains afresh. I see lots of articles on mindfulness and meditation and it is very prevalent at this time of COVID-19 lockdowns and keeping away from other people. It is easy to become isolated in general. But if we give ourselves a few minutes of mindful solitude, I believe this can help our mental wellbeing rather than isolating us further. Taking a few minutes each day to get out of the chaos in one’s mind can reduce stress and help to give a clearer perspective on what is going on around us. Using different techniques such as music are other ways to help to keep the anxiety under control. Whatever works for you is the way to go.

And in the end…

So, there you go. If you have reached this point in the blog, I would like to thank you for reading it through. And I hope the links provided can help you if you do suffer with anxiety attacks. All you need to do now is visit the store where you can listen to a short preview of the song and download the track. I hope you like it. You can always comment below or drop me an e-mail if you would prefer. I always like hearing from you, so please don’t be shy.

Credit and a big thank you to Helena Cook for the photo which is used with permission from Unsplash.

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Speak to y’all soon.


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