Here We Sit

The title track from the album “Here We Sit”. A cry for help for the planet we live on. There is no doubt that we are having an effect on our planet’s behaviour. We were told that this was going to happen. But are we doing anything about it? Not enough in my opinion. I hope you enjoy the music. More importantly, I wish governments around the world would take this issue more seriously.


From the album “Here We Sit”. What you hear is the first take. I tried to re-record this a couple of times but it did not have the same feeling so I left it as is. I remember one of my sons came to listen. He was about 10 years old at the time. I looked at him while it was playing. His body language was relaxed, his eyes half closed, almost asleep – hence the title.

Just Another Day

This is about the depression after a parent passes on. It creeps up on you slowly. Nothing is happening, nothing goes right, you don’t want to do anything. But on the other hand, the boredom is overpowering. Similarly, you want to do something but you can’t concentrate on anything. This is the original idea on acoustic and vocal. The studio version is available on the album “Here We Sit”. If this is you then please don’t give up. The feeling never goes away. You just learn to deal with it – eventually.

The End Of An Era

From the album “Here We Sit”. This came to me while on the operating table. I recorded it 3 weeks later to get it out of my head as it would not go away. It has a reflective feel which suits the video subject matter – looking after our home. I get so disheartened walking along the coast, seeing human detritus everywhere. So, I hope the video has an impact. If one person takes note, then I will be happy. We live in a beautiful place. Is it The End of An Era? It’s up to us to make sure it’s not.

Havin’ A Moment

From the album “Here We Sit”. This is a piece I was writing when I met my wife. A phrase she used when having an anxiety episode was “I am havin’ a moment”. In other words, “leave me alone”. I understood this as a request for a brief moment of solitude to gather her thoughts. I felt that this piece of music also provided me with that feeling of solitude and relaxation. Hope you get the same feeling too…

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