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Sleeping it off...

Sleeping it off…

An overnight success. What is that? Is there really anyone who can genuinely say that they are an overnight success? I have been reading up on several successful entrepreneurs and they all say the same… it takes time. Yes, there are people who can say that they got to a successful position quite quickly. But it did not happen overnight? When these people were “discovered” they all say the same thing. It took them a lot of years to get there… to become an overnight success. But what does it really take?

My generation were taught that you needed a “real job with prospects to better yourself”. In those days, a job for life was achievable, and getting on within was how we grew. The man of the house went to work, and the woman looked after the children and the household. Be that right or wrong, that is how it was in most households. As a musician playing around Dublin, music was never a career option. It was a pipe dream, was never given any credence. I had a day job, and I played shows and rehearsed at night. I loved every minute of it. Some days were more painful and cloudy than others, but that was part of the gig. That was the start of my preparation to do what I am doing today. I believe that we always return to our passion. In my case it is music.

We live in a different world.

Life today is vastly different. There are no more jobs for life. It is now essential for most households to have two incomes to make ends meet. In fact, in the last couple of years, it is apparent that it is not enough just to have a day job. What happens if that job does not exist anymore? Unfortunately, it happens every day. It is now almost a given that we need to have a day job and an alternative source of income for security. In general, it has got harder to make a living. Just getting a job is not easy these days. Music is still a tough nut to crack. That has not changed. But the way music is consumed has. But this has also led to so many more opportunities to get music out to the masses. Not an opportunity I want to pass me by.

There is no such thing as an overnight success.

“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. A famous saying from Zig Ziglar which no doubt we have all heard at least once in our journeys online. All the years of learning my instrument, playing live, dropping out of the scene, getting my mojo back and being where I am today is all part of my preparation. Over the last few years, I have re-trained myself in the art of studio recording, song writing, social media, video and music production, mastering and quite a few related add-ons along the way. I am not unique. I do not consider myself the “font of all knowledge”. There is a lot more to learn and I am taking it in every day.

The Key To Success

Unlock the door

But it is about trying, and then trying again. And not just doing the same thing over and over because guess what – if it failed the first time, why would it work a second time? As Professor Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Now I believe he was quite a clever chap, so I am inclined to listen to him. Sometimes the small changes make the big difference. My point is that getting to where you want to be is not just the learning process. It is also about how you got there, and what led you to be who you are. Life and all its ups and downs make us the people we are. It is about what we do with it that matters. And one other thing that is easy to sometimes forget about…

The People.

The most important factor. We meet people in everything we do. During the past year I have met (both online and in the real world) people who have helped me to take this project to the next level. I have made new friends and connected with experts who have helped me to gain and hone new skills. Indeed, I have also renewed acquaintances with people from my past who I had not heard from for many years. After all that is what it is all about is it not? I write my songs from a personal perspective. But my experiences are not unique and are relatable. My wish is for people to listen to, connect with and enjoy that music. And my hope is that they will come back for more. So far, it seems to be happening? Long may it continue.

The Next Step…

I am just about to release my second single. I previously said that I want to release a new song at the beginning of every month. Decembers release is just around the corner. As before this will only be available for download from the store on my web site, so please keep an eye out for the release announcement. I will also be doing a new article on the song to give you all a bit of insight as to how it came together. Again, I am really excited to make another track available for download so I hope you will like it. Will it be successful? I hope so. The support you have given me so far is immense. It really is appreciated believe me. And in case you missed it, Novembers release Here We Sit is available for download from the store by clicking here.

So, it seems that becoming an overnight success takes a long time. We all strive, hope and dream of being an overnight, instant hit. But how often does it happen? Well unfortunately the answer is virtually never. Now this is not me being all negative and chucking the baby out with the bath water. I am just being honest and realistic. Yes, there is some luck involved but it is more about learning, work ethic, being in the right place at the right time, speaking to people and being ready. Ready to take the opportunity when it knocks on your door.

Stay in touch…

If you would like to be kept in the loop then please click here, enter your details and I will get in touch directly with you with all the news on releases as they happen. Please also visit my YouTube channel for some videos – but please remember to subscribe. Your interest and support is very much needed and appreciated.

Speak soon y’all.



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