Here We Sit

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Noel at Sundown

Here We Sit is the title track from my forthcoming album and is a comment on climate change. There is no doubt that the way our planet is behaving is changing. The extreme weather patterns, droughts, reduction in polar caps and resulting sea level rises gives cause for concern.  Some of these happenings may be natural, but there is incontrovertible evidence that humans have an impact. Unfortunately there are people who argue that fact, and do not believe that our influence on the planet is detrimental. Science in general directly attributes our influence to the greenhouse effect. But there are people (mostly political bodies) still debating whether the planet is changing due to our influence or whether it is a natural phenomenon. I personally feel we as a race are pushing the boundary too far.

There are however other signs that are obvious human neglect. The deforestation happening all over the world especially in the Amazon. The increasing amount of atmospheric greenhouse gases and the plastic detritus floating in our seas are all indicative of human neglect. I live on the South coast of England and I see people’s rubbish washed up on the shore every time I go there. Plastic bottles, drinks cartons, packaging and lately face masks ebb and flow on the shore line. The irritating thing is that there is no excuse for it. It is simply ignorance and laziness.

And So Here We Sit

Here We Sit is my attempt at trying to keep the issue at the front of people’s minds. Click here to listen and download now. In my mind I see a picture of people lying in the sun at the beach or in the park sunning themselves and enjoying the natural pleasures that our world has to offer. But when it comes to actually looking after the beach or park and clearing up their rubbish it seems many of us do not seem capable of doing it. In fact I have seen stories in the press of a lot worse human behaviour during the lockdown period. The pictures of the rubbish left on beaches is just unforgiveable and unjustifiable. Why can’t people just remove their rubbish when leaving the beach? This situation is not the complete solution obviously, but it is an indication of our lack of respect for our environment.

We may not be the sole reason for the dramatic change in how our planet is behaving. But we are not helping. There is a lot more we can do individually and as a race. Unfortunately, it seems that economics is more important than the health of our planet. I hear the relevant powers across all countries talking about the cost of change, and how it will affect our economies. But what about the cost of not doing anything? Unfortunately, by the time we realise that money is not our most important commodity it will probably be too late… if it’s not already.

So What Do We Do About It?

I do not have all the answers but I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint. Walking instead of always jumping into the car, and reducing my use of plastics and recycling where possible. I try to re-use and reduce my waste where I can. I am always keeping odd job materials to use on future projects rather than binning them. But it does sometimes feel like my efforts are small fry. The alternative is to do nothing and I am not that way inclined. In fact I would like to do more. If everyone was to try to do some or all of these simple things then maybe we would see a difference. And yes I do believe these are small changes within a bigger picture. It will take a proper joined up, world approach to resolve the human issue. And I do believe it to be a largely human issue.

We live in a throw away world, but there are some good things happening. There is more natural power generation happening now than ever has in the past. Tree planting initiatives and micro plastics being removed from our waters to name a few. There are new biodegradable plastics currently in development along with a plastics eating enzymes. And we have a lot more information to hand to be able to make decisions on what is happening to our planet. There are people out there trying to make a difference. Its not all doom and glom but a lot more needs to be achieved, and time is getting short… and so here we sit….



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