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Here We Sit download in a box

Image byPete Linforth from Pixabay

Thank you so much to all of you who have helped me out over the last few weeks. I have been full on promoting and telling people about the album going live on Friday. And the help and support I have received is huge. Thank you all so much.

And it keeps on going and gaining momentum. Just in the last week alone I have managed to get the title song from the album “Here We Sit” onto quite a few playlists and online radio stations. Radioairplay, zenofm, WNIR Radio and Good Music Radio are some of the highlights and I am grateful to them and am stoked that they actually like my music. I write my songs from a personal perspective, not with the view to pleasing anybody or for anyone else. Why? Because I love writing music.

To the gamers – music is my gaming console. To the footballers – music is me scoring for my favourite team (mine is Leeds United). For the golfers – music is my hole in one. When I come up with the idea and am able to expand it into a full song production, it is just the best feeling in the world. And then to top that all off, someone comes along and says that they like what they are hearing. That is just the icing on the cake – for the bakers out there…

Because more importantly, I have managed to get the music to so many more people already via the radio stations. Long may that continue and in turn, hopefully the streaming services will introduce even more people to the music. And it gives me great heart that when the album actually comes alive on Friday 05 August 2022 that it might be a successful streaming album. Which again is a bonus. It is so exciting.

If you have supported me over the last few weeks, I shall be forever indebted to you. And I sincerely want to thank you all. It has been a gas so far. Lets see how far we can take this.


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