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As announced recently, my album “Here We Sit” is going onto all streaming platforms. So it’s time to get saving. It has been a lot of work over the last few weeks. And I am glad to announce that we are almost ready to go onto all streaming platforms. As I am a new artist with all of these platforms, it has been difficult to arrange a pre-save campaign with some of them. But I have managed to organise a few to get started. Just click on the relevant button below.

Get Saving on Amazon Music

With Amazon you can pre-book an mp3 version of the album which will become available on 05 Aug 2022.

link to get saving Noel O'Reilly on amazon




And on Spotify

Here you can pre-book the album to be available on your Spotify account on the release date. This link will guide you through to a page that has the pre-save link. Click the green “Pre-Save on Spotify” button and sign in with your credentials on Spotify. Easy Peasy…

get saving Spotify link





So get saving, and thank you so much for your support. As I have mentioned, it has been difficult to get a lot of pre-save links due to being a new artist. I will be updating this page as and when I get new links to different streaming services and as you would expect, I will be letting everyone know. I am working hard on spreading the word today, and I would ask all who read this.. Please share the hell out of this. It would really help me a lot.

And of course don’t forget that the album is also available to buy on CD or download from this website, and from 05 August 2022 it will also be available on CD Baby.

Be good, be kind, stay safe and stay in touch.


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