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So excited that this is where we sit

Sitting everywhere

This is so exciting… I have submitted my album to CD Baby as per my last communication, and it is all happening. I have to pinch myself when I look at this. To think that just over a year ago, I started out by releasing this album on my website. Very soon, it will be available on everybody’s phones, PCs, laptops and any other gadget one can use to stream music. But please be aware that if you go to any of these sites at the moment, you will not find the album. There is still a lot of work to do, but as you can see, things are well on the way. Most of the accounts are there, but the music is still to be made live by the actual sites.

Just look at all the different places it is going to. In fact there are so many, that I have had to reduce the screen resolution down to 25% just to get it all in the screenshot. I have had a great time selling through my web-site, but I could not have arranged all this by myself. The actual “go live” date for the streaming release of my album “Here We Sit” is 05 August 2022 and it is so exciting.

Here We Sit CD also exciting

Here We Sit CD

What’s next?

So as soon as all the sites are ready and the music is available, I will let you all know how to go about getting the pre-save on your preferred streaming provider. Getting as many pre-saves as possible before release is really important. This kicks the streaming services search algorithms into gear and pushes the album out to more people. And that is what this is all about – getting it to more ears.

And don’t forget that the CD version of the album is still available to buy here. For me, the sound and feeling from a physical CD or vinyl is my preferred option. But I also know that streaming is the preferred vehicle for others, and especially for discovering new music. So if you do like the stream, then please do get in touch to get a real physical version to add to your collection.

And if you ask me nicely, I may even do something special for you…

Keep in touch and let me know what you think. More updates coming soon…

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