It’s That Time Again

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It’s that time again… well it has been over a year since I released new material, so here we go again. On Thursday 07 September I released my new single ” Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. This is the first release from my new album “The Kid In Me” due for release in November 2023.

And this one would not go away. Usually with me, when I am away or not able to access my recording studio, I come up with some musical ideas. Lyrical ideas are easily written down. But because I am not able to make a recording of the music, it normally goes away and does not come back. This one however was very different.

I came up with the idea while driving, so I did not have access to my studio. I was away for a few days, but this musical idea just kept going round in my head and would not stop. It drove me mad

Can't Get You Out of My Head Single cover

Get in the car Noelie

until I managed to get back to my studio and get a basic recording of it done. So that is what the song is about I suppose.

Round and Round it goes…

We all have days like this, where recent experiences just will not go away. The first song we hear on the radio sometimes stays with us all day. Something that the wife says that needs to be done. A personal chore that may not be important in the big picture, but will not go away – until it’s done. That’s what I am talking about. Earworms that eat away at us until we resolve them.

So I released my first album on all streaming platforms in February 2022. It was hard work creating it, and it has been hard work promoting it since. But I have enjoyed every minute of it. It has been a huge learning experience for me, and I have met a lot of great musicians along the way. But that is also something that has been eating away at me for some time now. One is not enough. I can do more! So here we go. It is that time again. Time to take the next step.

There is another single scheduled for October, so I will be letting you all know about that in due course. For now, I hope you enjoy the first single, and I sincerely hope you can’t get it out of your head… for a little while anyway. As always look after each other, stay well and stay in touch.


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