SUCCESS – “Reflections” by Noel O’Reilly – IS NOW YOURS FOR FREE

Reflections by the sea


Check your inbox for the link to download the music and enjoy…

And thank you for your support. It really is appreciated. Reflections is a mini album of acoustic versions of 3 tracks. These recordings were taken at the beginning of the writing process, so this is a real opportunity to hear me as raw as it gets… just me and my acoustic in front of a microphone with very little editing or effects. These are very personal… in the raw recordings. I am giving them away for free because I hate the idea that someone who might like the music might miss out.

Hailing from Dublin, I am influenced by bands like The Eagles, SAHB and Radiohead with a definite touch of Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac. I played live for many years, but fell out of love with the music industry. Now, after years of study and re-education, I see an opportunity to self release my music on my own terms. Everything you hear is written, arranged, played, programmed, recorded, mixed and produced by myself. I also run my website, social media and create all my own videos. It would be great to have you as a subscriber on YouTube, so please click the YouTube link above and SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

Hopefully you will have received a digital download of “Reflections” via email, immediately after placing your order. However if you are having any problems then please check your spam folder first. It might be there. If so then please register me as non-spam, and all should be good to go. It you are still having problems then please contact me – [email protected]

Thank you very much for your support and I hope you enjoy the album!

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